Thursday, January 21, 2010

More than I ever expected.

I can't possibly sum up my feelings about being a new mother. I am blessed with a great baby. Not only is she adorable beyond words but this kid is GOOD! She sleeps through the night with one bottle, loves bath time, smiles all the time(and NO, I don't think it's GAS! ; )

Bragging new mom.... HELL TO THE YES!

I keep thinking to myself that this is all so much better than I even dreamed. It seems so natural too. I took Brynn for a walk today and was thinking about this time last year. Man.... Night and Day. IF will ALWAYS be a part of me. Always. I hate to say this, but some of the IF trials I went though have made this whole experience better. For me. I speak only for myself. God, I never thought I would have these thoughts. Am I really grateful for all the pain? Now, from the other side of IF.. the answer is yes. I hope that it turn out this way for all of you.