Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad Girl!

I did a bad thing. I am so sick and tired of going for all of these tests and blood work, that I went for my last blood work a week late. Now I did go back to work this week, and it WAS really difficult for me to get to the office on time; BUT, I could have made it happen. This blood work was to confirm that I ovulated so I can get a luteal biopsy. UGH. Did I mention I am sick of this? I called the nurse today(seems like she is the only person who knows me) and she said it was ok and that we could do it next month. She also said that we are back in the TTC game as soon as I get af.

So just like myself I said "oh ok thank you so much Liz." and I was going to hang up, but then..."Liz, what now??? Do we do clomid again?" blah blah blah. She said we will do clomid, hsg shot if need be and even an iui if I want. Although since I can obviously get preggo I may skip that one.

I am filled with hope and fear. I HOPE it will work in the next few months and I am extremely fearful that it will work and then, well,...go kaput. Even F said he is nervous this time around. But above all, I think that after the past two cycles of not trying, we are both really happy to be trying again. Maybe to be closer to our goal. Baby Cee. I really can't wait to join the other bloggers who say "I can't believe it's me who is a mother to be."

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I'm sorry you're going through this - I really wish you the best! Welcome to the blogging world :)