Thursday, March 19, 2009

Positivity and Springtime!

Because I have been extremely positive this month. Not that I am positive that the iui will work, but just positive in general. I feel more at peace with letting things happen in their own time. I don't know why but I just feel like it IS going to happen. I have no clue how long this new found positivity will last so I am trying to enjoy every second of it. I will most likely have my iui's this weekend and I am glad to get to this point again. Anyone have any advice for how many times you would try clomid plus iui?

I just wanted to say thanks for the well wishing and encouragement. It really helps. Keep praying for me! (I always include the infertile bloggers in mine; ) )

I am so excited that spring is almost here. I never remember how much I love it until it rolls around. I take full advantage of being outside because I wasn't able to for so long. Ok now don't roll your eyes but I would like to make another infertile analogy.

I love Spring but never as much as when it finally rolls around. I feel like I have to go through my least favorite season of winter before I can truly appreciate the Spring and all of it's glory. Maybe, that's what it will be like when I have a baby. Coming into spring after a long cold winter. I will appreciate it so much more.

Feel free to roll your eyes and smile haha. I just did when I reread the analogy. Who am I today?

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