Tuesday, May 12, 2009

9 Weeks and a LONG day

So I think I have mentioned repeatedly how tired I am. It's seriously ridiculous. Now, I have always been a tired person. I have always enjoyed naps after work. I'm talking like 2 hour naps too. But lately, I get no relief from the naps or sleeping. I wake up tired! I was in bed by 9:15 last night until 7:15 am. A very good night's sleep right?? Well then why now at 11:30 am am I yawning in front of my poor students too tired to talk? I am literally too tired to teach. Thank god I need to catch up on writing assignments which require a lot of independent work on their part. Small favors....

Now to top this off, I usually drive home like a maniac so I can be napping by 3:30. I am very lucky for my teacher's schedule right now. BUT.... dun dun dun dun... I am starting school for my masters tonight. 4:15 to 9:30. The old me would have cringed at the thought of this. This version of me is seriously wondering how I am going to make it. Right now I feel like I could sleep standing up. Put me in a class for 5 hours and there is NO telling what will happen. I am staying away from caffeine but do you think that I could splurge on Tuesdays?? I don't know. I doubt I will. But this is scary to me. Sleep is Priority numero uno at this point.

I am not complaining about being tired. In fact, of all the pregnancy symptoms to get, it's not too bad. I mean, I havent felt sick more than twice so I am pretty lucky. I would gladly accept (maybe with a few complaints) anything I have to do to get a healthy baby here, but darn it if being exhausted every second of the day doesn't make it difficult to accomplish things! I am a neat freak whose house looks like it belongs to someone else. F tries to help but he works constantly and to be honest, he doesn't clean the way I like it to be done. I can handle a less than perfect house right now though. I just hope I get a little more energy soon so I can be of some use... to myself.

Enough rambling. Hope all is well.

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Emily said...

Oh yikes!!! I think some caffiene and a big bag of snacks is in order for your class tonight. Can you grab a quick nap at your desk before class?