Friday, May 15, 2009

The End is Near

At my RE office. They told me today that I graduate next week. I can't believe it. What happened? When did this happen? All the nurse's were saying how fast it went and I can't believe it, but I agree. I am a little scared but happy at the same time. Is this real? Am I going to have a baby? Ridiculous questions to some people at almost 10 weeks pregnant, but I am asking them nonetheless. The little muffin was wiggling around today and I have been on the verge of tears(of joy) all day.

I hate rereading this blog. I never hear me. I have always been the life of the party/ funny girl but this blog is so dark. I guess it's where I can see what IF did to me. How it changed me. But I want to put an end to the darkness. I need to find a way of writing the real me. I am so happy to b pregnant. I hope it will catch up to me that it means I will have a baby in 7 months from today. FROM TODAY. I am baffled and confused and can not seem to make the connection. I bet all pregnant women feel like this at least for a minute.


Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for a while, but have never commented. 10 wks & a healthy, wiggling baby -- congrats! I'm rooting for you... am hoping that a few more months brings pictures of a darling baby on your blog.

Anonymous said...

smiling a very wide smile for you.
Am so happy to hear your news.

I have been a horrible blogger the last few weeks....but I am back...and over the moon happy for you!