Friday, January 16, 2009

I Have crossed over into loony land

I am insane anymore. (Before I go on, know that I tend to use the word "insane" very loosely and often.) I am at the comlplete opposite end of the spectrum of even keeled. One minute I am thinking things will never work out like I want them too and the next, I am positive I have only a short time left of this purgatory. SO since I am insane, and ridiculously sick of writing this same thing over and over, I will tell you what my distractions have been in the past week.

For one, my birthday. I turned 32 this week and although the age doesn't at all bother me, I am just a little more anxious about being infertile. I like the security of not being "advanced maternal age" yet. Time is ticking, but come on. Why do I let these stupid phrases bother me? My mom was forty when she had my brother. And she had 5. F's mom was 38 when she had his younger brother and let's be honest, it's way different now. So 40 then is not what it is today. I would not even blink at at first time mother who was 40. My sister is 45 even and she looks so good that it wouldn't be a shock if she were to have another.

For two, my dad had a heart attack. This may have been #1, but he looks great and is doing pretty well. Not a distraction I would have hoped for.

For three. I started the book Twilight last Saturday. I am on book 3 already. Close to 1500 pages in less than a week(a week that included the above mentioned distractions.) I honestly can't believe how much I am in love with this saga. Although, I am a terrible sucker for a damsel in distress/ Romeo & Juliet type love story. I shouldn't be surprised that I love it so much. I should actually say the word obsessed. Hey what do I have to lose here right? I can get my nerd on in the eyes of the internet. Anyway, If you love to read and love a great love story....BUy it. Buy it as soon as you can......and please, make arrangements to be left alone. You probably won't resurface into the real world until you are finished all 4 books. Have a great weekend.


Emily said...

Sorry to hear abut your Dad - positive thoughts heading his way!

OMG! Twilight - I am obsessed! They are the best. Sooooo addictive. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll read Twilight during my 1st Ivf. That would be a great distraction. P.s. I'm a pregnant girl magnet. If they're pregnant they All have to tell me.