Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting things in line for 2009

Ok I am out of the game this month (Again). But I made an appointment at a new doctor's office today so at least I am doing something moving in the right direction. I feel a strong force to move ahead and get on with this!

One thing I am struggling with, (although not new feelings) is the inability to be GENUINELY happy for those around me pregnant. I mean, I wish my situation on NO ONE, but can't everyone wait to have a baby until I do? I don't think that's asking too much. Just wait until I have a successful pregnancy and then go right ahead! Well maybe I am a little bit happy for them BUT mostly I am just reminded of my own sadness.

That being said, everything else is great. Work, life. I set out to be more positive about the good things and for the most part I am succeeding. I hope everyone out there can too!

Happy NEW year! A new year.


jessica56 said...

I am hoping that 2009 brings you, me and everyone else struggling with IF a BFP! I know how you feel- it is getting more and more difficult for me to "deal" with others pregnancies and babies- I hate this feeling!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand to see or even be near anyone who was pregnant when I was going through IF. All of my friends were getting pregnant the old fashioned way. Another friend got twins on her forst IVF and even gave me some of her leftover "lucky" meds. But every month, my heart just broke. I was so emotionally unprepared to not just "get pregnant". Hoping that this year brings your heart's desire.

Happy New Year!!!