Friday, April 17, 2009

She's Baaaack.

This is exactly what the nurse said when I walked into the doctor's office this morning. Granted, I have been in panic mode since I found out I was pregnant, but isn't that normal? I can't be the first person at the RE to be terrified of another loss right? I was embarrassed at first, but then I thought... Who the F cares. If I can come in more than average and get peace of mind, then so be it. I don't care WHO I annoy. But, I would like to say, I am a very quiet person (at the docs office anyway.) I don't rant and rave, I apologize repeatedly for being a pain. I love the people at the office buta little more understanding could be just what the doctor SHOULD order.

Anyway, how can I complain about anything when all I keep getting is good news. My hcg levels are "excellent" and today I saw the yolk sac. Now, if I can make it to net week to see the heartbeat, I may just start to relax ... a little.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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Emily said...

Sounds like our weekends are both off to a great start!!! Glad you got to see your little bean today!